July 15, 2024
Eaton County grapples with enforcing state laws or county resolutions

EATON COUNTY, Mich. (WILX) – New gun reform laws in Michigan are creating controversy in some communities.

The sheriff’s office in Eaton County is being asked to decide between enforcing new state laws or enforcing new county resolutions.

The Eaton County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to make the county a “constitutional county.”

The Livingston County Sheriff and Board of Commissioners previously said they won’t enforce the red flag law, and the Eaton County Board of Commissioners recently passed a similar resolution.

“Because mainly, I believe in the second amendment of the constitution, that allows us to take and have guns as citizens,” said Commissioner Scott Hansen, Eaton County District 11.

Hansen voted in favor of Eaton County’s Second Amendment resolution. He, among other commissioners who voted in favor of the resolution, said they felt it’s important to maintain the constitution, regardless of state laws.

“And it can’t be bridged, or tried to be changed by the governor or anyone else,” said Hansen.

Since the Eaton County Sheriff was tasked with enforcing the law, News 10 reached out to see if they’ll be enforcing the new state laws or the new county resolution. Their answer was “No comment.”

“It’s not enforceable, it’s really just a political showpiece for this right-wing group unfortunately,” said Commissioner Terrance Augustine, Eaton County District 3.

Augustine voted against the resolution, saying that their county attorney said, they don’t have the authority to make these types of calls.

“Now they’re (commissioners in favor of the resolution) claiming that the state law is unconstitutional. Now, our board does not determine constitutionality. That’s not up to the board, that’s up to the courts to determine,” said Augustine.

Michigan State Police said they will continue to enforce state laws in all counties, regardless of any resolutions passed.

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