April 18, 2024

Lawyers for first son Hunter Biden met with federal prosecutors Wednesday as authorities weigh charging the first son following a long-running probe of his tangled finances.

The Biden legal team was spotted entering Justice Department headquarters by CNN as Hunter, 53, reportedly faces potential charges ranging from a felony count of tax evasion to misdemeanor counts of failing to file taxes to a felony count of lying about his drug use on a federal gun purchase form.

Delaware US Attorney David Weiss will ultimately determine whether or not to file charges against Hunter — and which charges to pursue.

Weiss was appointed by former President Donald Trump and retained by President Biden.

The meeting reportedly was hunted weeks ago by the first son’s legal team, prior to allegations from an IRS whistleblower that Hunter had received “preferential treatment” in the probe.

“In the ordinary course, in a federal criminal tax case, and pursuant to policy and practice, defense attorneys get a meeting for the asking,” Chuck Rosenberg, a former federal prosecutor and acting Drug Enforcement Administration administrator, told NBC News.

“They typically use that meeting to try to persuade Justice Department prosecutors not to charge their clients, often to no avail.”

In a letter to Congress last week, the unidentified whistleblower claimed the Hunter investigation — which was paused as his dad ran for president in 2020 — had been tainted by false testimony to Congress by a “senior political appointee,” identified by The Post as Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The inquiry into Hunter’s finances broadened in 2018 to examine how his international business dealings intersected with his father’s political career — including how he earned millions by serving on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma despite having no experience in the energy sector.

The first son reportedly borrowed $2 million from a Hollywood lawyer to pay off his delinquent tax bill last spring.

Hunter’s eyebrow-raising international lobbying escapades were exposed by The Post in a series of reports leading up to the 2020 election, stories that were largely ignored by mainstream media outlets and censored by social platforms.

Hunter has denied any wrongdoing and has been fiercely defended by his father.

News of the legal powwow came one day after Joe Biden announced he would seek a second term.

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