June 23, 2024

Law Faculty News

Professor Owens led a workshop to help local New Bedford entrepreneurs with the legal challenges of starting a business.

UMass Law Visiting Professor Lisa Owens led a workshop focused on legal challenges for startups and entrepreneurs who are part of the New Bedford Economic Developmental Council (NBEDC)’s NB100. NBEDC’s mission is to focus on local business growth and competitive advantage, offering entrepreneur support and grants and loan programs to provide assistance to new businesses in the South Coast region.

This was the first in a series of workshops led by Professor Owens for the NBEDC. Professor Owens designed the workshops specifically for the program, based on the needs of entrepreneurs who are involved in starting businesses here on the South Coast. As the visiting Director of the Community Development Clinic at the University of Massachusetts School of Law, Professor Owens has worked to connect the clinic to the strong network of entrepreneurs in the area and is excited to provide this kind of resource for the community. She is hopeful that these workshops represent a new step for the clinic and law school becoming an integral resource for business leaders and changemakers in New Bedford and beyond.

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