July 16, 2024
Major Changes to Cannabis Law Take Effect Around the US

Thanks to your advocacy, activism, and support, dozens of new marijuana laws took effect around the country this month:

  • In Maryland, cannabis possession, personal cultivation, and retail sales are now legal
  • In Connecticut, adults may now cultivate marijuana at home for personal use
  • In Virginia and Nevada, multiple medical cannabis program improvements have been implemented
  • In New Hampshire, out-of-state patients are now able to access state-licensed medical dispensaries
  • In California and Louisiana, efforts to expunge thousands of prior cannabis offenses are underway
  • In Maine, legislation limiting the ability for those on probation to be a drug tested for cannabis has become law

And, earlier this year, Delaware and Minnesota legalized adult-use marijuana and Kentucky legalized medical cannabis. We couldn’t have made such incredible progress without your support. thank you

There are still critical efforts underway around the country that need support:

Chip in to legalize America.
  • In Ohio, a marijuana legalization bill is currently awaiting a committee hearing and subsequent vote
  • In North Carolina, medical cannabis legalization legislation is gaining momentum
  • In California and Pennsylvania, bills expanding access to medical cannabis programs are awaiting legislative action

While millions of Americans are celebrating cannabis freedom, there are still millions more suffering under the draconian policies of marijuana prohibition. Can you help us keep fighting to legalize all of America and to ensure that in all fifty states, responsible consumers are treated fairly?