What Do Millennials Think Of Law Firm Life?

Group of business peopleAs more millennials join the partnership ranks, we want to know how unique — or not — the generation’s outlook on law firm life truly is.

Do shared generational attitudes transcend the partner-associate divide? What impact, if any, is that having law firm policies?

in the final installment in this year’s series of surveys conducted in partnership with our friends at Major, Lindsey & Africa, we’d like your views on such topics as compensation practices, associate workloads, bias in the legal industry, and firm leadership.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts here. As always, the survey is completely anonymous. (And please note we are not only interested in hearing from millennials; lawyers of all ages are encouraged to take the survey!)


If you haven’t completed the other two installments in this series, please take a few minutes to do so:
– Click here to take part one, which addresses priorities.
– Click here to take part two and tell us about your career goals.

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